Cppkies mod repository
Welcome! This is the Cppkies Mod Repository, also commonly known as CCRepo!
This is a list of mods for Cookie Clicker. Currently, this supports only Web mods and not Steam ones, but there will be support for that later.
Anyone can submit a mod, as long as it has a package.json file and has some CCRepo-specific parameters. Unfortunately, the process is not documented yet (as the documention will be on Cppkies' site, which is not updated yet), so maybe you can make an issue here and we will explain the process.
If you happen to use Cppkies Mod Manager (Chrome, Firefox) you can click the Subscribe button to add it to your mod list!
You can login with either Discord or Github to upload mods! There's no way to merge the accounts so that both log in to the same account, but that will be a thing!
Do note that the Cppkies version this is supposed to co-launch with (0.3) is not out yet, so this is a bit of a preview than an actual production service as of now.